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Why you should be working with a Personal trainer

So when I first started going to the gym and becoming fascinated by health and fitness I used to see these videos and pictures in magazines of celebrities working out with their own personal trainers. I remember back then I had never even seen a Personal trainer in a gym let alone training a client in real life! I thought only Brad Pitt and LL Cool J had Personal trainers! Imagine being so fit and ‘ripped’ that celebrities actually pay you to train them… WOW! Only in Hollywood ay!

Those days are long gone now and seeing normal people being taken through a session in the gym is now common place. Every gym you go into these days there can be 10-15 personal trainers working there, and each trainer may have a client base of 10-20 clients they train every week so that’s a lot of people having personal training! Back when only the rich and famous had ‘their own Personal trainer’ I don’t think there were really to many qualifications and the standard of what was being delivered could have been as different as one trainer basically going out for a run with you to keep you motivated through to a client actually being ‘coached’ through a training session in the gym, ‘coached’ being the very important word here!

So that’s where the Personal training industry has now headed, people are now being coached the most effective and safe ways to work out, its not about just ‘Beasting’ people and yelling at them to do more and more until they pass out on the floor! Working with a personal trainer is not about that and its certainly not for lazy people that need someone to just keep them company at the gym!

Personal training really is for anyone that wants to maximise their time when they are in the gym, think about it like this – We all live very busy lives these days weather that’s with family, education, jobs and other commitments so we don’t have endless hours free to spend working out do we? So the last thing we want is to waste a single minute when we are in the gym, minimal time but maximal results are the name of the game! That means working smarter and harder than you would on your own, that’s what you should be paying for!

I take a huge amount of pride in helping people achieve their health and fitness goals weather that is running a marathon or something as simple as a client that is over weight and just wants to lose some weight and feel more healthy and happier about themselves! Every client is going to have a different goal and its up to me to listen to those goals and put a plan together of how they are going to get from A to B in the most effective way possible. If you look at a professional athlete such as Andy Murray or Jessica Ennis they all work with personal trainers and coaches, they put their trust in somebody else to look after their fitness and the general public really should look at that and take inspiration, if the pros are working with someone like myself shouldn’t you?

Choosing the right trainer to work with is actually the hard part, as I said earlier there can be 15-20 trainers working in your gym so where do you start? Firstly you must think properly about your own health and fitness goals? Then start watching the trainers working with their clients and see if they are doing things that will interest you? Also how is the dynamic between the trainer and client, are they being given the full attention that they deserve or is the trainer looking at their phone? Trust me I have seen that lots! Have a chat to a few of different trainers and also have a chat to their clients when you see them and ask what they think? Do some research online and see if they have a website, facebook page etc as you can get a feel for what they are like and if you think you would want to work with them. What I would say is really important is when you decide who you would like to work with is have a meeting with them so that you can tell them what your health and fitness goals are, and see what kind of response they give you. For example I have a client that came to me and wanted to lose around 4 stone in weight and wanted to do this as fast as possible. My response was that losing 4 stone is not going to happen over night and that we should look at this as a long term goal of maybe 12-24 months, this is a realistic goal rather than me telling the client what I think they wanted to hear so that I could ‘close them’ and them disappoint them down the road I told them the truth and they where obviously a little disappointed but actually appreciated my honesty and they have now been one of my clients for over 6 years! My point there is when you speak to the trainer about doing sessions with them try not to pick ‘a yes person’ that will just tell you what you want to hear but someone that is going to be honest with you as this will be super important further down the line when you are actually training with them. Picking the right trainer for you to work with can be a massive part of your health and fitness journey and you should feel they are there to support you 100% for the long run!

So should you be working with a personal trainer yourself? If you want to make the most of your exercise then even if you just do it for a few months I would say you should certainly try it!

Anyway I hope this has been a good read for you and I will see you on the next blog!

Stay healthy people!