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So I have been working in the fitness industry as a personal trainer since I was in my early 20’s and I am now 36… Wow, that makes me feel old!
I can honestly say that I love the health and fitness industry, also I love training my clients now more than ever.
When I first started out there really was not a lot of social media stuff about fitness, just a few ‘experts’ and fitness models such as Greg Plitt and Rob Riches with videos on youtube. These were actually super motivating to see!
These days everywhere you look on Instagram and Youtube there are people selling themselves as ‘experts and influencers’ and a lot of what is being sold as massively misleading!
You see videos and photos of these people looking amazingly fit, strong and ripped and people can see these images and be blown away how these people look!
This is where Social media really is a ‘double edged sword’. I love it as it helps me post great tips and advice to my clients, friends and family, that I wouldn’t otherwise be able to do. It is also a great marketing tool for me to attract potential personal training clients. I also use it to educate myself on new training techniques and research nutrition ideas.
As do the 1000’s of other personal trainers, fitness models, influencers etc out there… and there are 1000’s of us trust me!

The problems begin though when a fitness professional for example posts a photo/video of them looking amazing or almost unreal, and somebody sees this and isn’t motivated to get into the gym or try to eat more healthy. But in fact they are actually left feeling deflated and defeated because they think ‘I can never look like that’! So the opposite has happened?
I have had this chat with many of my clients, they follow some expert on social media and they see these posts and it makes them actually feel worse about themselves and they come to me asking ‘why don’t I look like this guy or girl’?

These ‘influencers’ are showing the ‘highlights’ of their life, the gym selfies with great lighting mid-workout when they look there best! A photo that they maybe took more than 10 times to get the best angle so that they look amazing!

A photo of them standing next to their brand new BMW looking like they are living the rock star lifestyle. Going to the gym twice a day, driving their flash car and they are selling this ‘dream’ to their followers on social media. They will sell training programmes and online coaching packages (I will get into that in another blog!) selling you the dream of, ‘If you buy my products/services you can look like me!?

And you are drawn in?
They might not even own that car, it could just be a friend? The photo is well lit and even photoshopped… as I said really misleading right?!

I make it my priority that anything I post online is going to be useful and educating for my clients, or even a bit entertaining as I try not to take myself to seriously!
Sure I could post topless photos of my six pack and say ‘Hey check me out’ but that’s not what it should be about is it?
We should all be able to look at social media and be entertained and inspired right?
So I think my take away point here should be, take social media with a ‘pinch of salt’ and don’t take it to seriously, it should be fun and keep us entertained. Also maybe check who you are following and if they are not what they seem maybe give them a ‘unfollow’?

Anyway, I hope this has been a useful read and there are plenty more coming so keep a look out!
Catch you on the next blog.

Stay strong and healthy everyone