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Sports Massage

My aim is to provide my clients with the best personal training service possible, this includes sports massage treatments.

Sports massage can be a really useful tool for me to use with my clients, as there are a host of benefits to having treatments.

From helping to loosen up areas of the body with limited range of motion such as lower back and legs. To helping reduce muscle stiffness and soreness after intense periods of exercise such as a long run or a heavy lifting session in the gym.
Sports massage is also a great way to aid recovery after exercise, you can flush out toxins such as lactic acid from the muscle and increase better blood flow to the area.
Plus you always feel amazing after a good massage!
Massage treatments also allow me another chance to asses my clients mobility, that way I can take that knowledge into the clients next training session with me and put it to use.
Sports massage is just another tool I feel helps me deliver the complete Personal training experience for my clients.


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